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All the rugs in our limited collection are personally sourced directly from the weavers of Olanchung Gola, a remote village in the wild Tibetan borderlands of Northeastern Nepal; home to one of the last traditional weaving communities left in the Himalayas.
Each piece was hand knotted on a traditional loom by female artisans using hand carded changpel (thick Tibetan sheep wool), dyed for the most part with locally sourced natural dyes. In short, they are a world apart from the factory made pieces that are typically found online.

The collection, which includes both contemporary and vintage pieces, is available for sale in Hong Kong - and can be shipped worldwide.


Our Collection

Here is a selection of hand knotted artisanal Tibetan rugs from our collection.

What Our Clients Say

"The Olanchung Gola Tibetan rug we purchased is very high-quality, with strikingly vibrant colors. We were pleasantly surprised by just how thick and soft the rug is compared to others. Importantly, Adrian is also very trustworthy, and easy to work with."

Hayley Grieve 

"So happy to find such a beautiful and unique rug. Delivery was prompt and hassle free, and Adrian is so knowledgeable about the pieces, and clearly passionate about them! Looking forward to adding to my collection soon."

Tara Hamilton


The Rugs

Depending on the size, each rug typically takes 5 to 6 weeks to weave; hand knotted into traditional patterns by eye, on large wooden looms. The thick Tibetan sheep wool or 'changpel' is sourced locally before being washed, carded and then dyed - all by hand.

The dyes used are mainly derived from vegetable pigments such as 'Tsoe' (a local grass that colours the wool green) and 'kohim' (a local root that produces oranges). Some non-indigenous dyes, such as indigo, are also used as are a small number of synthetic dyes, particularly in the new rugs.

Each rug takes five days to transport overland to Kathmandu, first by porter, then mule and finally by jeep.


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